women writing vt

My primary work, Women Writing VT, grew from a creative organization named Women Writing for (a) Change, established in 1991. We shared that name for the first ten years but no longer work in legal relationship together.  My mission remains to empower women through writing, to celebrate peace, beauty and change in our lives and the world.

This work has been my passion and my preoccupation. For many years it manifested in a physical studio with the feel of a cozy living room, that included a kitchen and small group work areas. Ample storage space allowed us to access myriad art materials and supplies for monthly art workshops or random offerings into multi-disciplinary workshops. In May 2014, the studio lease ended. After celebrating ten years of Women Writing for (a) Change – Vermont, I have stepped back from the many regular offerings held in dedicated space.

While I will continue to offer the extended July weekend writing retreat at Sky Meadow, my ongoing focus has shifted to expanding the writinginsideVT program with Chittenden County’s incarcerated (and previously-incarcerated) women writers.

I am often asked, ‘just what IS this group?’ The simple response is what we are NOT: not therapy, not academic, not traditional critique, not agented editorial support, not for everyone. We are about intention – as writers, as women coming to consciousness practicing new ways of being together in the world. We are about witnessing – learning to observe our own feelings as we write, listening deeply to one another and mirroring back what we hear. We are about growing as women and as writers.

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