contemporary american women

“In their essays, Bartlett, Kramar, Chaplik-Aleskow, and Robinson take readers on a journey they will never forget. This anthology is a wonderful collection of stories of how contemporary women stand up and face their trials and persevere through their tribulation and are better, stronger women for having gone through them.”

“These experiences exemplify the range of passages that existing anthologies have yet to address in a single volume. The authentic, often lyrical prose speaks to a broad audience within and beyond academics.” – Diane LeBlanc, Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Director of College Writing, St. Olaf College

“There are some personal life stories so honest and searing that only women can write them. This is a book of hope which should become part of the core of Women’s Studies literature”. – Marian Matyn, Archivist, Clarke Historical Library and Assistant Professor, Central Michigan University

compiled & edited by Carol Smallwood & Cynthia Brackett-Vincent, All Things That Matter Press [Somerville, ME], 2009, 250 pages, price: (paper $18.99). ISBN-13: 978-0984259434.

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