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Available from the publisher, MacFarland & Co., Inc.;  Amazon;  and Barnes & Noble.  ISBN 978-0-7864-6392-3

And from December 2014 in which the reviewer, poet Mary Harwell Sayler, says in part “Neither a heightened imagination nor a high IQ mark a poet who writes with freshness and precision. However, the work of a poet who notices everything is likely to be brilliant.” She feels this book offers encouragement and examples to a growing group of women-poets, and wishes such a volume had been available when she started writing poetry many years back.

Reviews from summer 2012:
Rattle posted a review pointing out that the book has ‘something to offer poets at all stages of their writing life.’
Hooked on Books heads this review with “Cast your line into a pool of ideas.”
The Michigan Poet that offers a free newsletter included a review of POETS in its June issue:
The Wilderness House Literary Review has a review of POETS in its July issue:
Writer Advice has a review on POETS in its July issue:

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4/25/12 review on Story Circle Book Reviews in which my chapter gets a shout-out:  “Women Writing for (a) Change: History, Philosophy, Programs” is a fascinating essay by Sarah W. Bartlett who is an owner of one of the affiliates of this empowering program in Vermont.”
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Listed in Poets & Writers “Best Books for Writers”
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4/20/12 review by Christine Redman-Waldeyer, founder and editor of Adanna, a journal about women’s topics and issues; and author of two books of poetry.
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“This collection of articles is a modern day literary ‘tool belt’ for women poets at all stages of their writing career. Whether you are just starting out, refining your craft, or trying to find balance in your creative life, this collection will become a roadmap to literary success!” – Connie Post, Poet Laureate Emerita of Livermore, California (2005-2009); winner of the 2009 Caesura Poetry Award

” . . .a delicious array of topics guaranteed to stimulate your muse whether you are an emerging or established professional. The contributing authors offer invaluable insight into the gamut of writing issues. Congratulations to Carol Smallwood and Colleen S. Harris for gathering and editing this treasure book of wisdom.” – Dr. Barbara Harbach, co-editor, Women in the Arts: Eccentric Essays in Music, Art, and Literature, (Columbia Scholars Press, 2010) and Editor of WomenArts Quarterly Journal.

“Creative Writing Pedagogy’s importance is well recognized by writers and students of creative writing. This excellent and most comprehensive collection of essays, by some of the finest minds in contemporary poetry, encompasses everything a student or teacher of poetry is looking for.” – Supriya Bhatnagar, Director of Publications, Asssociation of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP)

“Be empowered and inspired by accomplished poets who share their wisdom
and experience in order to help other women find their inner voice;
learn how to observe and listen to life so that your inner goddess will
be activated and enabled to assist you in writing poetry–learn to write
it, teach it, and get it done.” – Linda Burkey Wade, Western Illinois University-Digitization

“This is a kaleidoscope of concise and beautifully written essays about writing and teaching poetry. Every page offers insights–from sources of inspiration, the art of revision and the constraints of meter and rhyme to practical advice on getting published, promoting your work and starting a blog. Poets and teachers will love it.”
– Janet Husband, author of Sequels (American Library Association, 4th ed., 2009)

Women on Poetry is full of insightful tips and nuggets of inspiration from some of our country’s best poets, making this anthology a must-read for women poets and prose writers alike. As a teacher and writer I found the advice and wisdom in these pages beyond valuable!” – Kate Hopper, author of Use Your Words: A Writing Guide for Mothers (Viva Editions, 2012)

“Women on Poetry presents a cornucopia of advice and commentary on the poetic process for both the beginning and skilled poet. Melding creativity and practicality, the volume harmonizes the multiple voices of a broad spectrum of women poets.”
– Dr. Robert P. Holley, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, contributor, Writing and Publishing: The Librarian’s Handbook (ALA Editions, 2010)

“This book is a writer-friendly, comprehensive guide to the practical matters facing poets and teachers of poetry. Each subject is covered in clear, concise, sympatico language that anyone can peruse and use straight from the carton. There are chapters (59!) for everything, from where to find inspiration and time to write to how to present at a conference; when, where, why and how to publish a chapbook; writing on taboo subjects such as childhood sexual abuse; how to teach grammar, meter, 19th century women poets, and myriad other helpful perspectives. Sequenced in four sections: writing, teaching, publishing and essential wisdom, the table of contents gives simple yet precise direction to a reader’s area of interest and who is giving the advice. I was impressed by the cohesive positive energy of the compilation, the generosity with which each author shares her considerable expertise and experience, personal and professional, toward the goal of giving the reader what she needs to do her own writing, teaching, publishing and presenting with panache” – Susan Lynch

“Women on Poetry fills a void in the poetry world. It is an entertaining read that will help female poets move to their next level. I caution you to keep a pen and paper handy to take notes or at least use a highlighter and small book marks to indicate the entries you will want to refer back to again and again.

Molly Peacock’s Foreword stated these essays note poetry’s impact on our lives and the difficulty women poets have of being noticed by a larger world. There is something for every woman who has thought about the art of poetry…to learn, imbibe and react to in this book.

The editors demonstrated an uncanny ingenuity as they gathered this talented diverse group of forty-three poets to create fifty-nine chapters on the craft of poetry for poets and poetry lovers. The different personalities of the writers kept the book interesting with their distinctive viewpoints. This volume was compiled with love and encouragement for all women poets no matter whether novice, or veteran, for poets who want a fresh approach.

Many poets think they are ready before they are which helps explain why so many suffer with rejection after rejection. Chapters 38 through 44 detailed the many aspects of the poetry business. And yes, poetry is a business. This book can help women poets gain the attention and respect they’ve long deserved…and seldom received. Poetry has long been male dominated with experts claiming women were over emotional. Lest we forget…poetry can still break down walls and add beauty to our world” – Ann McCauley

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