writing after retirement

December 2014 update:  in Story Circle Books Reviews,  Diane Stanton names my chapter as follows:

The most liberating lines were by Sarah W. Bartlett in her essay “It’s Never too Late to Start Blogging.” “Now that we’re retired,” she says, “we no longer need to follow any one else’s schedule or goals. We have the complete freedom to pick and choose… Moreover, we’ve earned the right to say what we think and feel…”

Second December update: interview with editor Carol Smallwood in the Rock River Times, in which she describes how the anthology came to be.

And another review in The Commonline Journal.

Original reviews:

“Unlike previous volumes which focus on how to earn a living while writing in very specific areas, this anthology accurately describes a wide range of different avenues an aspiring author can pursue, either for profit or for personal fulfillment. Speaking directly to retirees, this book opens doors to many other areas worth pursuing; its chapters vary from the inspirational (the importance of linking to a community with similar interests, reconnecting to one’s dreams, seeking inspirational sources) to the quotidian (everyday writing tips, and how to use one’s experience to find subjects to write about).” …

Chapter 16 – “It’s Never too late to Start Blogging” – is the one I wrote, with enormous gratitude to the wisdom and guidance of Robert Lee Brewer who started me and hundreds of others on the blogging path, most of them way ahead of retirement.

Both editorial and customer reviews are now starting to show up on the Amazon site. For instance:

“This intriguing anthology will inspire readers to offer their wisdom as engaged elders.”
– Ellen Ryan, PhD, McMaster University, host of the Writing, Aging & Spirit website

“A fascinating collection of essays that will be useful for both beginning and advanced writers.” – Maria Mazziotti Gillan, Writing Poetry to Save Your Life: How to Find the Courage to Tell Your Stories (Miroland/Guernica, 2013)

“Each essay in this new collection, in the best tradition of Virginia Woolf, is a sage instruction manual for claiming–A Room of One’s Own.”  – Mark Hillringhouse, Between Frames (Serving House Books, 2012)

“Belongs inextricably to the best writing guides…”  – Vandella Brown, What Is A Zawadi To We? (Lumenus, 2007)

“Solid and insightful writing advice provided in a clear start-to-finish path.”  – Lura Sanborn, research and instruction librarian, St. Paul’s School

“If you’re retired, you’ll love the options open to those who write. If you’re not retired yet, you’ll start counting the days. There are lots of inspiring ideas in this book. Check this one out.” – B. Lynn Goodwin

“A brilliantly-presented collection geared for writers in their later years that will inform and inspire any writer.” – Richard Marranca, Dragon Sutra (Oak Tree Press, 2012)

“This collection by those who’ve succeeded in writing after  retirement will strengthen your resolve and know-how!”  – Sheila Bender, founder, Writing It Real.com

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