hear me, see me: incarcerated women write

Hear Me_See Me front cover FINAL 6.27.13“Powerful, unvarnished prose and poetry by women imprisoned in Vermont, survivors of every kind of trauma, abuse and addiction, whose individual and collective works explore and transcend the physical and spiritual trials of their lives.”

The result of our weekly blog posts on writing inside VTI, this book was requested and published by Orbis Books in 2013.

The book was blurbed by many respected professionals in the fields of criminal justice, gender-informed policies, and more, including:

“These straight-from-the-gut writings by incarcerated women will break your heart and put it back together again.” – Sr. Helen Prejean, author, Dead Man Walking

 Incarcerated women’s writings take us to places most of us have never been – the rooms where addicts live, the spaces where despair prevails.” – Madeleine May Kunin, former governor of Vermont.

“ . . . These . . . radical voices . . . dare us to do what society insists we must not: listen to and care about those who have been cast out . . . If we pause long enough . . . we just might find the seeds of their liberations and our own.” – Michelle Alexander, legal scholar and author, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Color-Blindness

“ . . . This compelling account of life ‘inside’ needs to inform our gender-responsive policies and practices for imprisoned women going forward.” – Stephanie S. Covington, Ph.D., Co-director, Center for Gender and Justice, La Jolla, CA

[Additional blurbs and reviews can be read in the book itself, and on the Amazon site.]

Since its publication, the book has had three public readings by a handful of the 60 women whose words appear in the book: Its official “Book Launch” in October 2013 in Burlington, VT; a reading at Middlebury College in April 2014; and featured at Burlington’s 10th Annual Book Festival in September 2014. Details on media coverage of these and related events can be seen at writinginsidevt.com.

It has also been the subject of many book group conversations and inspired a number of readers  to help incarcerated women find their ways back into their home communities with success and support.

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