into the great blue

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July 2012 review by Sharon Wildwind at Story Circle Book Reviews: ‘Great attention has been paid to content and format, and it shows. . .’
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I am struck by the felicity and unforcedness of her style, and its spare expansiveness.  Loved also the movement between images drawn from nature and (as with the granite threshold/window ledge and the stone mason piece) the works of man.  I think what means the most to me, however, is not how well observed the subjects are (and indeed they are), but how much understated/implied commentary about them is compressed into the poems

It’s the commentary that I find most distinctive

like what the hydrangea means to her, as a lover of blue (and implicitly of the humble and lush hydrangeas that are the matrons of so many unpretentious but well-tended gardens). 
– Nevin L., Professor of English Literature

Into the Great Blue
The great blue heron at the edge of the pond
stands statue-like, blinkless, seeks
the obscure beneath the surface.

Stilled by example, I too
stand motionless,
feel us kindred solitudes

booksigning at partner’s village store, westport, ma

at the edge of teeming life: plunge
toward sustenance, then rise to soar
solo, and away into our day.

Additional comments sent via email: [See reader reviews on Amazon for more]

I found the poems compelling and so beautiful. I keep the book by my bedside and often read it before going to sleep. This is the place of honor for readings of depth. I’ve always found poetry difficult to write – condensing thoughts and feelings into few words. It is truly an art and I admire anyone who has the ability to do this. – Alice

Such lovely reads! It’s not often that I have the pleasure of reading something by an author I know! The poems are indeed magical and perhaps will help spur me into further writings.  – Anne

I LOVE your Westport poems!  I can feel the sacredness and peace of that place for you.  – Wendy

IT IS BEAUTIFUL! Your poetry is so lyrical, it brings me right into your wonderful scene. They were all amazing. I loved reading it and will keep reading it. – Carol

You must be very pleased with it – and the cover painting looks exactly right for the poetry…  – Ann

You have a gift with the rhythm and beauty of your words. – Joe

Your book arrived–and it is a gem!  Blueberries, blackberries, mosquitoes–so many resonated strongly with me, in fact, almost all.  Your lyricism, your alliterations–all wonderful.  Thank you, Sarah–what a gift! – Mimi

Your Into the Great Blue is truly a special collection for the senses and all so familiar because we share the same coast.– Joney

I’m really enjoying Into the Great Blue. What a gift! “Into the Wild” made me laugh out loud, just ’cause. I don’t know, dogs just take themselves so seriously, ya know? There’s a lot to think on in these. The other ones that particularly resonated with me were “Apology to a Mosquito” and “A Post to Life.” It is so great to have these! I hope you are enjoying reading them again, too. – Julia

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