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‘Passages‘ in “That’s a Pretty Thing to Call It: Prose and poetry by artists teaching in carceral settings,” ed. Leigh Sugar, forthcoming from New Village Press in 2023.

‘Words the Dog Knows,’ originally published in SLOW BLOOMING GRATITUDES, reprinted in Lilipoh: the spirit of life, Issue 108, vol. 28, Summer 2022.

‘Morning Rituals,’ ‘Hope Abundant’ and ‘Spring,’ in Capsule Stories Spring 2021: In Bloom, March, 2021.

‘Coming Home’ in MER Vox, “Here at Home: A Folio of Non-fiction,” April 2020.

‘Anna on the Street’ and ‘Chocolate Muse’ in Colere: Journal of Cultural Exploration, Coe College, Cedar Rapids, IA; Winter 2019

Five Poems for my Late Husband: ‘Last Rhumba,’ ‘Remember These Words,’ ‘Alight,’ ‘Shrinking World,’ and ‘Unexpected,’ Sixfold Poetry, Fall 2019; peer-ranked #8 of 255

LifeLines: Re-Writing Lives from Inside Out, co-edited with Bianca Viñas and Kassie Tibbott, illustrated by Meg Reynolds. Green Writers Press, Brattleboro VT, March 2019.

Honorable mention for “Washed Out of our Bones,” ConcreteWolf annual chapbook contest. November 2018.

Five Poems from “Washed Out of Our Bones:” ‘Emptied,’ ‘For My Sister,’ ‘Fear of Falling,’ ‘Sunset’ and ‘Summer Cycles,’ Sixfold Poetry, Winter 2018; peer-ranked #6 of 299

‘Late Spring’ and ‘Early Spring,’  Women’s Review of Books v. 35, #2, by the Wellesley Centers for Women, March/April 2018. p. 32

‘Lonesome Boycow,’ in Weaving the Terrain: 100-Word Southwestern Poems, Dos Gatos Press; January 2018

‘The Tomb of St. Francis,’ in Colere Journal of Cultural Exploration, Issue #17, Coe College, Cedar Rapids, IA; 2017

SLOW BLOOMING GRATITUDES, New Women’s Voices Series #130 Contest Finalist, Finishing Line Press. Lexington, KY. May 2017

‘Cronehood,’ PMS:poemmemoirstory, January 2017

‘Apology to a Mosquito’ and ‘Picking Blackberries,’ reprinted in Lilipoh lifestyle magazine, August 2016

‘Courage and Grace: For my Husband,’ in Minerva Rising issue on Body Image, v. 10. Spring 2016

‘Seedpod of Iris’ on the Minerva Rising Keeping Room Blog, in honor of Women’s History Month, March 4, 2016

‘Generations,’ in Mom Egg Review issue on Change, vol. 14. March 2016

‘Just in Case,’ in Adanna’s issue on Women and Spirituality, October 2015

“I am Who I Was but So Much More,” a narrative essay about my writing with incarcerated women in Vermont; in Chrysalis: The Journal of Transformative Language Arts. September 2015

‘To Dance Face to Face,’ Poems from Sarah W.Bartlett, Minerva Rising Keeping Room, Friday August 2015

‘Full Circle,’ a poem in the anthology, Siblings: Our First Macrocosm, Wising Up Press, Decatur, GA, July 2015

“Youth, Writing and Identity: An Interview with Sarah W. Bartlett” by Ruth Farmer in Transformative Language Arts in Action,ed. Ruth Farmer and Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg; R&L Education, December 2014

“It’s Never too late to Start Blogging,” in Writing After Retirement:Tips from Successful Retired Writers, ed. Carol Smallwood and Christine Redman-Waldeyer; Scarecrow Press, an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield; September 2014. [Chosen one of Amazon Editors Top 100 Book of 2014]

‘Signs of Winter’ in Long Trail News, Quarterly of the Green Mountain Club, Waterbury Center, VT. Winter 2013

HEAR ME, SEE ME: Incarcerated Women Write. Co-Edited with Marybeth Christie Redmond, Orbis Books, New York; September 2013

Three poems for Father’s Day: ‘Hunger,’ ‘The Shower,’ and ‘Simple Gifts.’ Literary Mama, June 15, 2013

Three Winter Poems: ‘Agendas of Winter,’ ‘February View,’ and ‘March Snow.’ Minerva Rising, Issue 2, Winter 2012

“Women Writing for (a) Change: History, Philosophy, Programs,” in WOMEN on POETRY: Writing, Publishing and Teaching, ed. Carol Smallwood, Colleen S. Harris and Cynthia Brackett-Vincent. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc.,  2012

INTO THE GREAT BLUE: Meditations of Summer, a chapbook of poetry. Georgetown KY: Finishing Line Press,  August, 2011

“Jim’s Undershirt” [personal narrative from pre-heart surgery], Ars Medica: A Journal of Medicine, the Arts, and Humanities. Toronto, Canada:  Department of Psychiatry, Mt. Sinai Hospital in partnership with University of Toronto Press. Vol. 7, No. 2. Spring 2011

‘For Keeps,’ in ‘Beginnings and Ends’ issue of Halfway Down the Stairs, a quarterly online literary magazine; September 2010

“How Many Children Do You Have?” and “Women Writing for (a) Change: Mirror, Model, Mentor” in CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN WOMEN: Our Defining Passages, Carol Smallwood and Cynthia Brackett-Vincent. Maine:  All Things That Matter Press. December 2009

“Grace, Joy and Healing,” in Center Scope. Burlington, VT:  The Howard Center, Vol. IX, No. 1, Winter 2009. p. 3

POEMS PUBLISHED IN the Aurorean, Encircle Publications, Farmington, ME.
[the Aurorean, edited by Cynthia Brackett-Vincent, is a bi-annual poetry journal featured in Poet’s Market and three-times recommended as a “pick” by the prestigious Small Press Review. Their focus is poetry of New England and the seasons that uplifts, inspires, is meditational]

‘Fruit Tasting of Earth and Song,’ Fall 2018
‘Untitled,’ Fall/Winter 2017
‘Westport River Musing,’ Spring/Summer 2017
Featured Poet with three poems: ‘Milkweed,’ ‘New Year’s Fire,’ and ‘Equinox,’ Fall/Winter 2016.
‘Each Stone its own Universe,’ Spring/Summer 2016
‘Northern Paradox,’ 20th Anniversary Issue, October 2015
‘November’, haiku. Fall/Winter 2014-15
‘Winter Wish.’ Fall/Winter 2013
‘Fall.’ Fall/Winter 2012
‘Stella D’Oro.’ Spring/Summer 2012
Picking Blackberries – for my daughter.’ Spring/Summer 2011
Portugese Stone Masons: Westport, MA.’ Spring/Summer 2010
‘Stream of Light’ Fall/Winter 2009
‘New Moon,’ Spring/Summer 2008
‘Natural Consequences’ and ‘Snowmelt. Spring/Summer 2007
Making Tracks.’ Fall/Winter 2006
‘Preserving October. August 2004
‘River Stones” and ‘Kousa Dogwood,both haikuFebruary 2004
‘Mt. Mansfield, VT.’ November 2003

POEMS PUBLISHED in Shemom, ed. Peggy French, Cardiff CA
‘Eve of War,’ Summer 2005
‘Cleaning Day,’ Spring 2005
‘Field Trip,’ Spring-Summer 2004

‘Yuri’s Gardenin The Exchange. Cincinnati, OH:  International Visitor’s Center. Summer 1995. p. 8

‘First Day of Kindergarten,’ Woman’s Voice, Camp Dennison, OH: Riverside Books,  Spring 1995


“On Publishing LifeLines Anthology,” by Sarah W. Bartlett, MomEggReview, April 2021.
“28,065 Nights” by Katie Manning, for MomEggReview, February 2021
Blurb for “Sharing the Burden of Repair: Reentry After Mass Incarceration.” Heather Tosteson and Charles D. Brockett, Wising Up Press, Decatur, GA, August 2020.
“Escape of Light,” by Deborah Kahan Kolb, for Mom Egg Review, August 2020
Foreword to “I Am Not A Juvenile Delinquent: How Poetry Changed A Group of At-Risk Women” by Sharon Charde, Mango Publishing, June 2020
“Sex and Other Slapsticks,” by Ellaraine Lockie, for Mom Egg Review, April 2020.
“50/50” by Julianne Palumbo for Mom Egg Review, April 2019
“We Became Summer” by Amy Barone for Mom Egg Review, July 2018
“Multiplies Illuminated,” edited by Megan Woolsey and Alison Lee for Mom Egg Review, March 2018
“Abloom and Awry” by Tina Kelley for Mom Egg Review, September 2017
“Tripping with the Top Down” by Ellaraine Lockie for Quill and Parchment, July 2017
“WTF” by Laura Foley for Mom Egg Review, June 2017
“Autumn’s Yard” by Anne Averyt for The Live Oak Review at Five Oaks Press
Blurb for “Tripping with the Top Down” by Ellaraine Lockie, Foothills Publishing, May 2017
“Tripping with the Top Down” by Ellaraine Lockie, Foothills Publishing, for Culture Weekly April 2017
“Grass Whistle” by Amy Dryanski in Mom Egg Review, June 2016
“Autumn’s  Yard” by Anne Averyt for Finishing Line Press, Lexington KY, April 2016
“Small Like a Tooth” by Carolyn Williams-Noren for Mom Egg Review, October 2015
“Where the Meadowlark Sings” by Ellaraine Lockie, 2014 winner of Encircle Publications Chapbook Contest, for Mom Egg Review, July 2015
“say/mirror: Poems and Histories” by J.P.Howard for Mom Egg Review, April 2015
Author’s Note on”HEAR ME, SEE ME: Incarcerated Women Write,”  for Mom Egg Review, January 2015
‘History Written as Beauty: Incarcerated Women Write’ for Wellesley College Review of Books, April 2014

PRESENTATIONS and WORKSHOPS for other organizations:

* “writing inside VT: Writing for Change”, a panel presentation with Meg Reynolds at Gemini Ink Writers Second Annual Conference, San Antonio, Texas. July 2017

“Story-Telling in Non-Traditional Settings: Writing Inside Prison,” keynote talk, Pennsylvania Conference of Teachers of English and Language Arts, October 2016

*“Self-Expression as Lifeline,” at UVM Women’s Center in honor of Sexual Violence Awareness Month, April 2, 2016

* “Writing to Heal: Creating Safe Circles inside Prison,”  keynote talk at League of Vermont Writers Annual Meeting, January 23, 2016

* “Refusing Silence: The Necessity of Voicing our Stories,” annual workshop for women to experience a safe space in which to name their truths and be heard with respect. For Women Helping Battered Women in conjunction with Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October ); 2008 – 2017

* Writing and art-making workshop for inmates at CRCF on behalf of VT Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, April 2015

* “Celebrating Courage and Change” workshop for VT Cancer Survivors Network, March 2015

* “Living Reinvention” workshop in conjunction with Full Circle Festival, celebrating the art of aging, April 2013

* Mandala Making for Insight and Fun, a workshop for the Howard Community Health Center’s Community Friends Mentoring program, February 2013

* Story-telling for Caregivers workshop for The Arbors at Shelburne senior living center, May 2012

* Writing to Heal(th), workshop as part of community health education offered through Northwestern Medical Center, St. Albans, VT; September 2010

* Looking Out, Listening In, day-long retreat on leadership for participants in the Hanley Fellowship Program; Portland, ME; June 2010. Co-facilitated with Jim Hester, PhD

* Jason’s Story in poetry and medical prose; as community faculty to second-year medical students during their unit on Generations: Understanding Family Relationships in Loss, University of Vermont School of Medicine. November 2009, 2007, 2006, 2005. With Jim Hester

* Rosie’s Girls trades exploration camp; facilitated weekly writing circles, summer 2009

* Loss Seminar for Third Year Psychiatric Residents at UVM School of Medicine, sharing my family’s reactions to our son’s suicide through poetry as way to bridge the gap between professional and personal experience of mental illness and family trauma. Three sessions in January 2009

* Milton Girls’ Day, facilitated consecutive writing sessions engaging young girls in creative process, 2008 and 2009

* “The Allure of Rocks,” a collaborative creative month-long series of events about rock and stone; Women Writing VT organized readers, including local cinematographer, stone artist, and WWVT participants to read about the place of stone and rock in their lives, loves and work. November 2008

* Special Appreciation Workshop, Stepping Stones Preschool staff, July 2008

* Connections Woven Through our Lives and Stories, sharing stories from Women Writing VT writers, UU Church, Burlington VT, June 2008

* Writing to Heal(th) workshop for cancer survivors as part of “Avenues to Healing,” sponsored by the Eleanor B. Daniels Fund of Fletcher-Allen Hospital, Burlington, VT; April 2008

* Intention-Setting at the New Year, Burlington Professional Women; January 2006. An interactive and experiential opportunity to think intentionally about priorities for self-care and work

Bartlett, Sarah W., Influence of Federal and State Regulations on the Acquisition and Operation by Hospitals of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanners. Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology. 8:394-402. Springer-Verlag New York, Inc. 1986

Bartlett, Sarah W., The Floating Hospital for Infants and Children: A New, Old Children’s Hospital for New England. Part I: The Floating Hospital Today; and Part II: History of the Floating Hospital. The New England Pediatrician, District I of the American Academy of Pediatrics, April 1983

Bartlett, Sarah W., Ed., A View of the Future, ch. 24, in Doctor and Teacher, Hospital Chief, by Herbert Black. The Globe Pequot Press, Chester, CT. 1982

Grossman, Jerome H. and Bartlett, Sarah W., From Boston Dispensary to New England Medical Center: A Look at the Past, Present and Future, Tufts Medical Alumni Bulletin, v. 43, #1, Winter 1982

Reorganization of ambulatory care in an academic medical center, with Jerome H. Grossman, MD., Journal of Ambulatory Care Management, May 1982

Bartlett, Sarah W., Political Ideology and the Socialization of the Soviet Child, in Progress in Experimental Personality Research, Vol. VIII: Academic Press, New York. June 1978

Recommendations for a National Policy: Family Planning for Institutionalized Mentally Ill Patients. Position paper prepared for the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, with Henry U. Grunebaum, M.D. April 1976

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