slow blooming gratitudes


“I recommend this book to anyone — to all of us — in need of some Slow Blooming Gratitudes in our lives.”  – AA

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This, my second chapbook of poems, was a finalist in two different contests. The first was  Minerva Rising‘s Third Annual ‘Dare to Be’ contest in March 2016. Shortly afterward, Finishing Line Press announced it among the top-ten out of 400 submissions, releasing it in May 2017 as New Women’s Voices Series #130.

I am so honored by the generosity of my fabulous photographer friend, Anne-Marie Littenberg, whose evocative image graces the cover of this book.

And two powerful poet-editors graciously wrote jaw-droopingly beautiful blurbs for the back cover:

These are no ordinary poems of love, loss, letting go, courage, and universality. Rather, the selections in Slow Blooming Gratitudes are extraordinary poems about all of the above. Bartlett weaves through the collection the thread of one-ness (“all loss is one”), reminding me of one of Merton’s most famous lines, “we are already one.” This chapbook is that rare combination of heart-mind-soul-intellect—masterfully crafted verse that reaches outward from the page, extending the hand of welcome to each reader. —Cynthia Brackett-Vincent, publisher and editor, the Aurorean poetry journal

Sarah Bartlett’s Slow Blooming Gratitudes is near religion in its capacity to offer solace and acceptance in times of adversity.  When our bodies betray us with disease, death, fears and uncertainties that happen as surely as the natural world has its own life cycles, Bartlett looks to the healing powers of this natural world and to laughter, family, pets and love as antidotes.  And she does so in language that seeps into the reader like a slow, soft massage.  Her words, “Time passes, each moment a present,” are as relevant to the pages of this book as they are to life.  Buy it, read it and keep it close by.            –Ellaraine Lockie, award-winning poet, nonfiction author, contest judge, educator

The book is now available on Amazon. Please do add your own review to my page there. It feels important that ‘regular readers’ understand how accessible poetry can be. And in these times, where so much seems to elude understanding, resonant poetry feels more important than ever.

FEEDBACK snippets from emails, texts, FaceBook:
–   You have crafted a poignant collection that captures, as in a snapshot, the mosaic of life…
–   It’s a lovely read – multiple times for multiple reasons …
–   I have been drawn into the slow bloom of your poems – savoring, feasting on each  – like a rich yet delicate taste one never wants to end…
–   Just got your poetry in the mail. In the first poem, ‘Milkweed’ had significant meaning as a close friend of mine passed Friday. One of her ways of destressing was to blow air out as if she were blowing milkweed from the pod… You are a gifted writer. Thank you for sharing what you witness inside and out.
–   Slow Blooming Gratitudes is as beautiful in appearance as it is in content!
–   What I like about these poems is the author’s ability to be fully present in the moment with those around her … touches the humanity in us all …


2 thoughts on “slow blooming gratitudes

  1. Sarah’s wonderful book (kudos !) .. and my thoughts …

    I read with great pleasure Slow Blooming Gratitudes by Sarah Bartlett. Her poems are firmly set in place and in the heart. She writes with grief and with joy about family, about loss, about life and death, new growth, courage and grace.

    What I like about these poems is the author’s ability to be fully present in the moment with those around her — whether it is being with her dying father or caring for her sister in the final stages of life. Whether it be celebrating the joy of song and laughter with her grandson, romping with her dog, or seeing herself for the first time through the eyes of her loving husband — Bartlett touches the humanity in us all. These are poems not just about life’s challenges but about small victories and tender moments of connection.

    In her opening poem, Sarah Bartlett tells us her intent is to use her words, her poetry, “to spread .. healing…to calm (and) purify what circles within ..” The poet, the healer, Bartlett seeks to open her readers “to beauty and nurture against bitterness…” She succeeds in extraordinary fashion, offering us a rich collection to be cherished and shared with those we love. I recommend this book to anyone — to all of us — in need of some Slow Blooming Gratitudes in our lives.

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