Unleashed is perfect –  Like all other dog lovers who obtain this jewel, we will assume it was written just for us. – C.vR.

I absolutely love these dog poems. Bartlett really captures, in such beautiful and descriptive language, what a dog is like – and why our relationship with them is so powerful. I almost wept when I read the final one. So thank you for that very thoughtful gift. – E.N.

I just read “Unleashed.” So beautiful., And bittersweet. And joyful. Thank you. –  J. P. K.

“Unleashed” is absolutely marvelous – so moving and not the slightest bit maudlin. It is a perfect salute. It does not hide the incredible pain one feels at losing an animal. – E M.

Bartlett evokes her pet’s verve and lovely doggie habits so well.  Her descriptions of the natural world put me right there. Beautiful and sad! Thank you for this gift of words. – R.L.

This collection is a beautiful tribute to Loki. Sometimes I think that dogs are more highly evolved than we are; capable of unconditional love and forgiveness, and never ceasing to delight in every moment. – P.H.

Jim and Caitlyn’s photographs enhance the intimacy of your special relationship with Loki. Your poems, as usual, flowing straight from your heart. A treasure! – J.C.