Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Interior of peach peonyAs I attempted to capture the layered luminescence of my Mother’s Day peony (gifted to me by my youngest daughter), I moved closer and closer into the blossom until I was literally lost in the sweep of petals and the sense of an inner path. I was transported back to Antelope Canyon in Utah, where I took the photo, below, last year while visiting my older daughter.

The canyon walls felt like flower petals; the petals, like the canyon. Each came to me thanks to one of my two daughters. Both images speak to me of fragility that displays as strength; and vice versa. And both look like themselves while conjuring multiple other associations.

Inside Antelope Canyon, UT

Inside Antelope Canyon, UT

Within these petaled walls
my eyes slip, a  silken slide
over and around each curve
a sensuous swirl of motion caught
in stilled waves of light.

something unexpected

Something Unexpected*

It is humbling when expectation
leads, its demise casually caused
by the opening of eyes to what lies ahead;
think Antelope Canyon, storied source
of impossibly pink and purple shots
of rock swirling like windblown sand
sunk beneath surface through slits and slots
in earth oblivious to three power towers
erupting upward toward one sky blanketing
the entire Navajo nation site in blessing.

Thanks to Robert Lee Brewer’s April Poem-A-Day Challenge; Day 12 Prompt