pause to live

plateToday’s Daily Post at WordPress asks “If you could pause real life and spend some time living with a family anywhere in the world, where would you go?” This time last year I met Letizia and her husband Ruurd. Five days was the appetizer that will bring us back one day.

Alla Madonna del Piatto

 For years they wandered, seeking to live
in one place for a length of time
for roots, child, livelihood
to become as one. They found this spot

perched in the hills above Assisi
home to pagan goddess, revered saints
undisputed holy land of olive, grape
and opportunity.

So settled here. As if a sign,
found buried in the ancient house
a plate, a graceful figure beckoning
them to re-imagine place.

And so they worked, restored,
created home and guest space, too,
with groves and orchards to feed them,
provide means of living well.

From here we see the revered hill
upon which sits so much history
of pagan, Christian, Roman, Jew –
their destinies layered, ever new.
–  swb

only from the heart

I offer today a tribute to a woman of wisdom whose words and work really wow’ed me recently. Her name is Joséphine Comodi; her business, ‘Living with Colors;’ her spirit, captured in gorgeous silk scarves and shawls. Her studio is located in Assisi, Italy. These pictures of her work require no words.

In an early exchange she told me, “I used to introduce my creations with a ‘seminar’ on the language of symbols and colors . . .  it’s my Path, my evolution  and I am really aware NOW more than EVER that everything is energy; therefore I decided to bring into the world, so badly in need, Beautiful Colors and Words in order to lift the consciousness.  Nice words such as the soul is here for its own joycan only produce positive emotions that make us feel good. Or Rumi: only from the heart can you touch the sky.’ All that I do – colors, words – comes from my SOUL. ”

I felt moved to pen the following for her, and share it here with her blessing:

Soul Silk
for Joséphine Comodi, Assisi, Italy

Widely-traveled, she’s settled here
where peace and love extend to all,
the very air alive with grace,
its energy in every face;

and hers, the chosen task to share
her love of beauty, colors bright
through silk creations, long or square;
on each, wise words imprinted there.

In her own way she spreads the life
of love and light to all who need
the uplifting grace of living shades
of earth and spirit that she’s made.

Her work and message spread abroad
from US altar to Russian soil
and beyond by psychic, shaman
folks who seek its healing tones

of silken color, word unfurled
against the dark and dangerous world
that threatens if we fail to connect
in mutual peace, love and respect.

©swb  10/10/12

Photo credits: Tina Luchetti and Rosaria Sardo