zen dog

credit - swb

credit – swb

We’re nearing the end of the collection “Dog Days” with today’s post. While I continue to write about my faithful canine companion, I have yet to try writing in her voice. But we certainly have had our raucous romps and quiet cuddles throughout the years. I am so grateful for her in my life. As much as I rescued her, she has in many ways done the same for me.


Short attention span,
some would say of she who can
hold my gaze as long as I ask

but flits from scent to tree
to moving hand, eager
to be the one to greet

to initiate encounters
of frolic and speed;
throw a ball

and she runs quick as silver
but once there, turns
to the flowers, or from the child

equally planted there.
It comes to me now – she
lives with beginner’s mind

is the only one of us
truly present
moment to moment.