‘New Birth’ courtesy LondonRowFineArt

There are times when a confluence of events, feelings, opportunity and phrases conspire to connect, perhaps in conversation to create an entirely new form of expression or possibility. This has happened to me while working with a piece of stone. It has happened when a poem comes full-blown to the page. And sometimes, as recently, it happens unbidden. Starts as a niggle at the edge of consciousness. Morphs about inside, noting and absorbing layers and dimensions. Spillls onto the page this way, then that. Finally challenges me to approach it intentionally. As, in the case of the brief poem below, even experimentally.

I welcome your comments and observations, curious what you glean from the words, their arrangement, any possible resonance for you personally. And thank you for reading.

                        AT THE NEW MOON
                            for DC

              This harbinger			
			this black zero of beginning
               releases hope				
			hollow, hungering
        to expand, to deepen
			to become full. The new wanting
      to bid old ways goodbye
			beckons to push through
      a second chance to fill
			this opening.

        Start close up, sense
			the gift of a new phase
         a whisper undiscerned
			on the dawn’s breeze,
                 a seed in you
			waiting to spread against a future sky
become visible while carrying
			the light within
          your gift to others
			It is early, and about to grow.

This is my first experiment with a double-poem-that-makes-a-third. 'At the New Moon' is 'found' from Marge Piercy's ‘Head of the Year.' 'Rebirth' celebrates a turning in DC's life.