mothers all around

How many of us know the real origin of Mother’s Day? Even had Hallmark existed in her day, Julia Ward Howe would never have imagined her dream narrowed from international peace to celebrating the nuclear mother. On one hand, this feels like a huge set-back for her vision which increasingly seems true:  that it may indeed be women who lead us into world peace. On the other, it is an opportunity to reflect on and thank the many who mother us throughout our lives.

In my own life, this is a near-daily act of gratitude and attention. Mothering is the core of how I live in the world. As a result, observing how I have been mothered and in turn, mother, is a thread that not only runs through but connects me to all my lives. So much so that I will be adding Mothering Mondays to my blog offerings. There is simply too much mothering to be contained in one post, one interpretation, one life. Continue reading