barn yoga


She smiles, encouraging us
to follow her lithe arms
in their graceful arc

smooth unbroken sweep
of head, torso, hand down
the standing leg, then up, over

her voice soothing as sonorous chimes
in gentle breeze, lulling me
into soft response, malleable

and mute. I bend, sway
attuned to this moment
beneath high beams, expand


morph into air borne grace
as if to take flight, follow
the swooping swallows into light.


a day without words


Words…. (Photo credit: jah~)

I want to recall that a day without words
is no kind of day – to miss the lilt, light
and lure, the laugh, the languor
of words flowing over, across lines
words sprouting abundant visions
their flavor unmistakable in hands
that savor, turn, weigh, sniff
both heft and determined breadth
of meaning, shape, form, desire –
their feel and song, unique place
in the parade of words stringing themselves
around each pearled moment,
easing into grateful abundance
for all that came before,
will follow.