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I was relieved by this morning’s daily post prompt. Because I have NOT resolved the conflicts swirling in my body around continuing this blog.

It started as a meditative place of beauty and contemplation arising from the now-famous April 2012 Platform Challenge of Robert Lee Brewer. It resolved the question of how to represent myself as an author. Into the bargain, it provided a space to share, to muse, to challenge, to respond – in a word, to put me ‘out there.’

But this year something has happened. Too many things. As a result, I have been suffering that all-too-familiar writer’s self-doubt. In a world that has gone so terribly awry, I feel called to DO something.  Anything. EVERYthing. As if each utterance, each action, each moment must be devoted to fixing, resolving, unknotting the terrible twists and turns of humanity run amok.

Tall order, that! After months of nearly-posting then retracting the impulse, I remember that this blog exists to provide a space for meditative reflection, and possibly poignant moments; to question, perhaps, but not to fix bigger issues. This space is what it is. I feel gratefully resolved that it is OK to continue on my small path.

Oh, and to answer the question posed in today’s challenge: YES I HAVE kept a new year’s resolution!!  My 2015 intention was to learn what it feels like to live in a strong body. On January 5, 2015 I started my ‘on-ramp’ initiation at CrossFitTT and now go regularly 3 or 4 times a week. Just yesterday I passed my one-year anniversary date and am firmly on the ‘function’ track to using my body smartly in service to my life. Resolutely!

writing after retirement


writing after retirement coverThis week I received my complimentary copy of WRITING AFTER RETIREMENT: Tips from Successful Retired Writers. Chapter 16 is titled “It’s Never Too Late to Start Blogging.’ By my very own blogging self.

I wrote this quite some time back. Well, not that far back, because I generously refer to and borrow from Robert Lee Brewer, who got me started on this blog in earnest. Thanks to his Platform Challenge of April 2012, folks beyond the original ‘Not-Bob’ circle will be able to benefit from his guidance and wisdom.

“Unlike previous volumes which focus on how to earn a living while writing in very specific areas, this anthology accurately describes a wide range of different avenues an aspiring author can pursue, either for profit or for personal fulfillment. Speaking directly to retirees, this book opens doors to many other areas worth pursuing; its chapters vary from the inspirational (the importance of linking to a community with similar interests, reconnecting to one’s dreams, seeking inspirational sources) to the quotidian (everyday writing tips, and how to use one’s experience to find subjects to write about).”

And by a curious twist of timing, I have within the month become, well, retired myself. What a relief to read in print that it’s not too late to start blogging in earnest! And into the bargain, to have at hand a guide to all manner of issues that might arise for those of us writing after retirement.