Ironic, this morning’s Daily Post one-word prompt. I’ve been engaged in a series of writings on the word ‘spin’ – as in …. (fill in your own association) – and have just gotten to the part where I’m going to address the other kind of spinning, as in weaving us together and whole.

So what better time – the time between spin and weave – to dive into divide. For a Great Divide is indeed what we are experiencing in this country today. Whichever side you might stand on (and it’s hard to believe you aren’t aware of being on one side or the other, thanks to the new battlecry ‘if you aren’t with me, you must be against me’ – there is no room for middlers anymore), it looks mighty bleak.

Because you see, dear reader, life simply is not black or white. It’s black, AND white, AND grey, AND a whole wild and vibrant spectrum that might seem inconvenient in a pure black-and-white decorating scheme.

But here’s the interesting thing: color complements black-and-white quite nicely. Softens the starkness. Offers life and contrast. Provides material for conversation. Permits choice. Allows opinions to be shared. Lets us be the variety we are. Rather than forcing us into one side or the other of an ever-widening abyss of narrow thinking, limited options and extreme actions. Yes, divided is a pretty bleak place to be.