money cannot buy

credit - paulo zerbato

credit – paulo zerbato

What if I had just won $1 billion on the local lottery, no taxes? What would I do with the money? This is today’s Daily Post challenge from WordPress.

Four years of writing with incarcerated women has shown me an increasing and alarming percentage of serious mental dysfunction. While ‘inside,’ isolation has been the ‘treatment’ of choice. Isolation meaning solitary confinement without clothes, bedding, books or communication. Isolation also meaning denial of psychiatric treatment for those clearly in need. Suicidal? Isolate. Confrontational? Isolate. Desperate for companionship? Isolate.

I am no mental health expert. But I do believe there is one simple act that can be far more effective in stemming feelings of terror, vulnerability, and desire to do self-harm. It is the simple human act of listening. Continue reading