moose lessons

Moose stranded in trees by the lake

Photo – Jim Hester

See the yearling standing there, trying to decide whether he’s between a rock and a hard place or just between the devil and the deep cold waters of Lake Champlain? A week ago he made local history by leading truckloads of Fish and Wildlife employees on a wild moose chase. They were trying to chase him back into the woods. Which is where he was until he leaped across the road right smack in front of my car, with them in hot pursuit. The end of the tale being, he led them to a shed housing several dozen plants of marijuana. Busted by a moose on the loose! Only in Vermont.

Look again at the photo, taken one week later. Poor thing was run ragged by the earnest fatigue-wearing men waving their arms to encourage the yearling back into the woods. Seems he backed himself right up to the lake and doesn’t realize he has an out. But he also doesn’t have either his solitude or his mate, who apparently is lolling about in a backyard less than a mile south on the same lake shore while he has become something of a local celeb, starving under trees that could feed him and mere feet from the largest dish of water imagineable. Continue reading